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Not Eggman, Sega Did release a book calld Sonic in the 4th Dimension..or something like that..it tells the true story about the origin of Sonic, A) Dr Ovi Kintobor was a sientist until a malfunction with the experiment of a Chao Emerald,
B) Sonic started off as a normal slow brown hedgehog, the Dr made him the shoes before he became Dr Ivo Robotnik. and ofc..
C) Eggman IS Dr Robotnik..no matter what people say.


Was I on crack when I was watching these? if so..BRING EM ON :P Nice flash man :)


That was better than the actualy grim films :O. Amazing flash, best one I've ver seen for suspense. give us soem more please :)

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But, the boss that looks like a Super Saiyan with his spirit bomb was instant wipe for me..shame, but all in all really fun, nice one :)

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sweet :)

I luv this kinda stuff, whats even more amazing is that voice in the beginning, if thats done without a real person, then its really great for a vox software on a PC, if you used FL or whatever that is..lol im babbling, anyways you done a nice mix here, well done :)

tijnn responds:

Thanks man, i actually stumbled across a vox on the internet, it's actually a speech from www.freesound.org, the best website for this kind of stuff i know of.

It was actually about 4 minutes long but i thought the 'I am sorry' was pretty nice for the pre-climax.

I'm glad you liked it. I will consider spending some more time on this song and eventually finishing it.



...Would luv a mix like this, its seems to be in thier style, and you did an amazing job of this, and gained 10 KUDOS points from me :) Keep it up.

OPQC responds:

:D thanks!

just practice and you can make something like this!
but thanks for the comment!!


Someone tell me WHY the hell this has been zero bombed by some idiot? this is a nice Trance mix, one of the best I've heard on NG and deserve more recognition..gl in reaching top 5 friend. you deserver it :)

ZefiroN responds:

Thanks for the review and the good words. There seems to be quite a lot of these fun fun zero bombers, I've come across many other tracks that have been amazing but low rated. Some people also tend to down-vote music of genres they don't like. :/

...It's a cruel world.

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